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Thread: Help Planning for Creating a Mega Tree

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    Default Help Planning for Creating a Mega Tree i'm attempting to do my first mega tree this year and I've read a lot here, but all sorts of numbers are being throw around so I'm trying to hone in on what i need. Here's what i have so far:

    - I'd like my tree to be 12' to 15' tall
    - Based on reading it seems like 2" spacing at the bottom seems like a good starting point
    - 180* since it is set back from the street
    - Using ws2811 pixels

    What I don't know is:
    - How many light strings do I need?
    - How many pixels per strand?
    - What spacing should i have between the pixels? (Was thinking 2")
    - What should the radius of the bottom of the tree be?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Default Re: Help Planning for Creating a Mega Tree

    Ran the #'s:
    6' dia base 12' high= 148" rounding down to the nearest inch. 2" spacing= 74 pixels
    8' dia base 12' high= 151" roudning down to the nearest inch. 2" spacing = 75.5 pixels

    6' dia base 15' high= 183" rounding down to the nearest inch. 2" spacing = 91.5 pixels
    8' dia base 15' high= 186" rounding down to the nearest inch. 2" spacing - 93 pixels

    If you meant 2" spacing between the strings at the bottom, that would be too close. On my 50 pixel tree with a 6' base I spaced 5" apart at the ring. You will need to decide on the # of strings and come up with a # for the spacing on the ring.
    Mine was 24 each 100" strings spaced 2" for a total length of 8' 4". But the ring was suspended above the ground about 18" and I used bungie cords to pull the ring down to anchors in the ground. Kinda used the strings as built in guy wires. I added 2 empty strings at the back to make the ring level.
    I used half of a square tube cable reel that telecom uses for cable or duct.
    It worked very well for me.
    Stallionet has a very good thread on this site on how he did it. I just modified a few things. Its all about how you want to go.
    Hope this helps.

    Tree Pic.jpg


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