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Thread: Has anyone tried painting transparent Technicolor pixel housing?

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    Question Has anyone tried painting transparent Technicolor pixel housing?

    Related to my previous post, but don't want to clutter with another topic:

    It appears that Ray Wu's "Technicolor" pixels (I believe version 3 - most reliable, waterproof, (claimed) IP68 and epoxy-filled) only are available with the pixel body itself made of transparent (polycarbonate?) material which cannot be made (or simply is not available) in an opaque format (e.g. green, black as the injection-molded styles are).

    For my application, this won't work. In addition to other workarounds for this problem, I'm considering painting the pixel bodies to prevent the "light leakage". I don't know if this makes sense, what paint to use, or if it would remain viable. I suspect that paint over plastic would be easily (and often) removed during setup/takedown. I don't know if solvents in the (spray) paint or propellent would have immediate or long-term harmful consequences on the pixel housing itself. Has anyone tried this, or any other method to prevent light from leaking out the back of any of the Ray Wu Technicolor pixels? Thanks.
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