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Thread: Static Pixel Sequencing - xLights?

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    Default Static Pixel Sequencing - xLights?

    Complete newbie here. Got my F48 Controller and Pixels delivered, so I am going through, testing them to make sure they all work, and to get a basic grasp of the controller (and how many strands I can connect to each).

    Downloaded xLights (it's late - so my brain is about fried) - but am wondering if there is a way, or method someone has to set-up a static light sequence (lets say, alternating pixels Red and Green) on a constant-on function.

    Looking to get into this slowly, and want to master a simple function first (plus be able to enjoy the pixels on the house this season - MAYBE even for Halloween!)

    Any input would we welcome.


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    Default Re: Static Pixel Sequencing - xLights?

    try the bars effect and change the colors to red and green only
    Help is just a mouse click away

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