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Thread: Newbie question F16v3

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    Newbie question here so could be a dumb one. I have been running dumb RGB's the last couple of years. I have my fseq files on a pi player that I can connect to wirelessly. I then had a a dmx cable from a pi cap to my 27 channel dumb controller. I now have all pixels and got a F16v3 controller. My question is why does the Falcon need an IP address? If I run an ethernet cable from the pi to the Falcon will that make the controller run? I can access the pi from a browser. Are there some parameters on the Falcon that I will need to access is why it has to have an IP address?

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    For the sake of a basic understanding of things, Every device on a network needs an address. Even if your network is just two devices, they both still need addresses to talk to each other. If you connect the wired ethernet interface on the Pi to the wired ethernet interface on the Falcon F16v3, that's still a network.

    Ethernet is very much different than DMX (or renard or LOR or any serial data bus) It is a switched data network. DMX and it's cousins are all simplex data busses. That is, one sender sends out all of the data and the receivers send nothing. All receivers listen to everything. Ethernet on the other hand has hosts that both send and receive data. Under normal show usage, the FPP will do a lot more talking than the F16. But it still needs to talk both ways a bit. At a bare minimum, the two devices need to know what IP addresses correspond with what hardware. (ARP) That's a lot more detail than you need to know, but it makes the point that stuff is happening behind the scenes that needs to happen for things to work.

    I'll turn your question around on you. Why would you not want to use an IP address? It's just a number, it's free. Why would you want to avoid using one?

    You will definitely need to access the web interface of the falcon controller to configure it. You will definitely need an IP address to do that. After it's configured, you shouldn't have to touch it much, if at all. And for that reason, you could certainly connect it to your network, configure it, and then connect it directly to the FPP for use in the show. But if something goes wrong and you need to troubleshoot, you might need to get back to that controller's GUI.


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