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Thread: Making it Bold for the new diy'er to pixels .

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    Default Making it Bold for the new diy'er to pixels .

    I am going to make a broad bold statement for those that are new to pixels and are a Diy'er at heart !

    This is my personal opinion and from my experience .

    If you are wanting to purchase a pixel controller get an e682 in kit form , a must have and a definite work horse for learning and driving pixels and you won't regret having one . These are the easiest to setup and use reliably .

    If you are an experimenter and like to figure out how things work , get some esp's and experiment away .
    I love these little things .

    If you are a Diy'er and want the absolute best without needing to build , purchase the EasyLights controller as they are definitely the future of turn-key hardware ,software and sound for this hobby .

    I am not supplying links and this is just my opinion from my experiences so far in this hobby .

    Take this as you will and best of luck with your pursuit of this hobby .
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