2018.31 released
3 enhancements, 11 bug fixes!
Thanks to Gil , Dan and Keith!

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2018.31 August 30, 2018
-- bug (gil) Fix timings not snapping when not zoomed in. Fixes #1221.
-- enh (scott) Added Submodel Draw Dialog
-- enh (keith) Rewrite falcon and espixel stick upload to reduce edge cases which cannot be supported for upload
-- bug (keith) Fix window frame model wont accept anti-clockwise setting
-- bug (keith) Insert gap for node in custom model renumbering all nodes
-- bug (keith) When start channel on model changed models in groups can become invalid causing crashes on layout panel
-- bug (keith) xCapture does not handle properly when it cant listen for e131/artnet
-- bug (keith) Fix xSchedule lags every second on Linux ... these changes will also improve all platforms when the on second processing runs
-- enh (keith) Replace model prompts to copy replaced model start channel if it doesnt look like you have set the start channel on the replacement model
-- bug (keith) Fix zoom link
-- bug (keith) Fix non ip outputs not listed in the universe dropdown on start channel dialog
-- bug (dkulp) Fix esc to stop render on osx
-- bug (dkulp) Fix occasional crash when changing show directories