2018.30 released (Thanks Keith!)
4 enhancements, 3 bug fixes

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2018.30 August 22, 2018
-- bug (kevin) Fix house preview video export on Windows with high DPI settings
-- enh (keith) Change the colour panel update button to purely apply the colour palette. All other colour settings are ignored.
-- enh (keith) Add the ability to change custom model background image from within the model data dialog
-- enh (keith) Strip out some buttons and replace them with a right click menu with enhancements to create
gaps in node numbers, compress node numbers to remove gaps, trim blank rows and columns from the edges of the
model and a shrink function that helps reduce the model size.
-- enh (keith) Give user some ability to influence minimum model size generated by Generate Custom Model and prevent some over
optimised custom models being generated
-- fix (keith) Crash if use home/end while editing a field
-- fix (keith) Hang or slowness opening a new sequence after previously rendering another sequence