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Thread: Ordering Process required for ordering Wire Frames from Wire Frame D'Lites

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    Default Ordering Process required for ordering Wire Frames from Wire Frame D'Lites

    Another year of building frames is winding down as we will have to stop building in Oct. so that we can start pulling all of our stuff from storage and fix things that stopped working in storage. It never fails.

    First off, this is a hobby for me and if you think I知 making a lot of money, I got news for you, I知 not. I could make more money flipping burgers. I JUST LOVE MAKING FRAMES and helping you put smiles on people痴 faces. I have a friend that comes over when I need him to help with clean up.

    There are a few things that everyone needs to understand about the process of ordering a frame or frames from builders that build custom frames. On my website I have pictures of frames that I maintain templates for. If you order any of them, you can expect to receive one that looks just like the picture. If you want any changes to any of the stock frames, you must make sure that I understand just what you want. Just you saying 的知 thinking about will not get the changes made. You must say I want these changed or added.

    If you want to order a special frame then you must send me a picture of what you want. If you make a drawing of what you want, please remember that anything that doesn稚 look right might look really bad after I blow it up to size. I always take a picture of the drawing of a custom frame and will send it to you to look at and verify that it痴 going to work for you. DON探 just glance at the picture and call it good. This is what your frame is going to look like. PLEASE, don稚 wait until I have the pieces bent and tack welded together to say something. I try to always send a picture of the frame after I have it tacked together.

    As far as placing orders, I cut off taking orders somewhere between 80 to 100 frames ordered for the year. I need to have all frames made and shipped by the middle of Oct for the year ordered. Right now I have orders for next year already. It takes an average of 2 to 3 days to cut, bend and weld an average frame. It will be another day for cleanup and take to the powder coater. The powder coater requires at least a week to work my stuff in. Of course some frames will take less time than others. I have about 41 weeks to get everything made and I normally work a 44 hour week.

    The bottom line is it takes a team to get this done and you are the other part of the team. I can稚 read minds, so please, please make sure that I fully understand what you want.

    As far as paying for the orders, I will not start working on a frame until I have the money in hand. If you need to make payments, I will let you make them with half down. When I know I will start building your frames in a couple of weeks I will let you know so that you can send the rest of the money. I will always figure the shipping cost after I have all of your frames made as the shipping charges change and I don稚 have any control over that. I always try to make the frames in such a way to keep the shipping charges down.

    The key is to commutate, commutate, commutate.

    Having Fun with Wire Frames and Lights.
    Custom Hand Made In USA


    Phillips Family Display

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    Default Re: Ordering Process required for ordering Wire Frames from Wire Frame D'Lites

    "Commutate": Per Webster: "to reverse every other half cycle of (an alternating current) so as to form a direct current."

    At first I thought it was a slip of the finger, then I got to thinking about it (perhaps too much) and realized that it was most appropriate for this situation.

    Thanks Doug for the heads up.
    Thanks also for all the work, sweat, tears, cut fingers, burnt forearms, etc. that goes into making these great products. We are proud to have several (5 at last count) of your wireframes here, some in my personal collection
    . They are top notch. No question about it.

    Now, the rest of you need to take a looooooong time to figure out what you want. At least long enough till I can get my list together and into the mix - first.
    Live, Laugh, Love.

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