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Thread: A19 LED Bulb Hack - Anyone done it before I try?

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    Default A19 LED Bulb Hack - Anyone done it before I try?

    I looking to make 3 A19 LED Bulbs with some WS2812 RGB LED's and a modified ESPixelStick to control them via WiFi. Looking to see if anyone else has tried this or something similar.

    With lots of google searches and YouTube videos, it seems like nothing about the LED bulbs is very common, they are all different, and I will likely have to gut everything and add a new power supply, a ESP-01 controller, and WS2812 ring.

    If anyone tried this, are there easier bulbs to work with? Domes that pop off? The $1 bulb I opened up was glued together and not likely to get back together, at least it won't be pretty to do so.

    The point of this is I have 3 lights around my garage that I would like to include into the show, and once the Christmas lights go off, have the garage lights go back to white until morning.

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