2018.28 released
1 enhancement, 9 bug fixes
This bug "Fix text boxes with sliders where zero is not valid are hard to edit". was something driving Lilia nuts. On some value curves if you tried to change a value, it would override what you entered. in the wave effect, the first slider's valid values are 180 to 3600. If you manually tried to change it, it would immediately change your number to 180. She wanted to enter 420 but on the very first 4 the number would be changed to 180. Keith, Lilia says thanks!

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2018.28 August 18, 2018
-- bug (gil) Fix VSA Imports with multiple event types and treat DMX relays as 8bit effects.
-- enh (keith) Extend significantly the keybindings available functions
-- bug (keith) Fix text boxes with sliders where zero is not valid are hard to edit
-- bug (keith) Fix single segment polyline allows individual start channels
-- bug (keith) Fix video drift in generate custom model video watcher
-- bug (keith) Yet another tweak to the animated GIF reader
-- bug (keith) Fix right click after selecting models to create a group omits selected model
-- bug (keith) Minimise render events when bulk editing
-- bug (keith) Direct user in check sequence how to fix legacy value curves
-- bug (dkulp) Fix reading back from render cache changes pixel colour