There were a handful of bugs that users quickly found in the 3.5 release. Some were bad enough that they needed to get fixed quickly. Others were easy to fix so we took care of them right away.

There's also a few new features and improvements that didn't quite make the release cutoff a few weeks back. They're now ready and included in this update.


Release Notes - Vixen 3 - 3.5u1 Release Build

** New Feature
* [VIX-2179] - Add Location Support to the Picture Effect
* [VIX-2478] - Add Location Support to the Video Effect

** Improvement
* [VIX-2450] - Performance and Memory improvements to Effects Part 2
* [VIX-2464] - Log the build/release version to the info logs on startup to aid in diagnostics.
* [VIX-2468] - Change the Text effect visual representation on the timeline to show the users text.
* [VIX-2473] - Have the installer prevent the user from choosing their Desktop or Windows folder for install paths.
* [VIX-2474] - Change the Coundown effect visual representation on the timeline to show countdown values.
* [VIX-2482] - Add grid orientation property for elements to influence effect orientation
* [VIX-2485] - Restore some of the performance lost in the fix for VIX-2461
* [VIX-2495] - Picture effect locations render performance improvement.

** Bug
* [VIX-2461] - Save Error/crash during export sequence
* [VIX-2466] - Lip-Sync effect is not properly ignoring case of the phonemes in Marks.
* [VIX-2467] - The token replacement message box in the preview does not center parent.
* [VIX-2469] - Vixen Crashing while ungrouping Custom Prop at preview editor
* [VIX-2475] - More than 20 items in show, rearranging doesn't work correctly
* [VIX-2476] - Scheduler does not automatically start when it is enabled and Vixen is started.
* [VIX-2477] - Lips-sync fill mark gaps adds overlapping rests where they should not be.
* [VIX-2480] - Shapes effect fails to render when size is reduced to a low number.
* [VIX-2481] - Picture effect stretch to grid was not added to the name and description descriptors
* [VIX-2484] - Miscellaneous issues with Marks
* [VIX-2487] - Beat bar detection causing crash
* [VIX-2488] - Minimizing the OpenGL preview causes the preview to stop working.
* [VIX-2492] - Video effect fails to render in 32 and 64 bit when not running from Visual Studio.
* [VIX-2494] - Shapes effect can get into a state where it fails to render.