2018.25 released
2 enhancements, 6 bug fixes

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2018.25 August 8, 2018
-- bug (keith) Prevent a crash due to value curves on sub-buffers. This stops the crash but the subbuffer is wrong ... further fixes to come.
-- enh (keith) Remove flag that prevents effects grid paste until a copy has been performed
-- bug (keith) Fix non default perspective with floating windows does not load correctly
-- bug (keith) Fix a problem with transparent gifs
-- bug (keith) Fix a few bugs with render cache
-- bug (keith) Fix check sequence flags controller upload issue on multicast universes ... these should be ignored
-- bug (keith/scott) FPP Connect unable to find/upload sequences if not saving FSEQ files in show folder
-- enh (scott) Added Refresh Button to FPP Connect USB Upload