2018.24 released
6 enhancements, 3 bugs

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-- enh (keith) Remove flag that prevents effects grid paste until a copy has been performed
-- bug (keith) Fix non default perspective with floating windows does not load correctly
-- bug (keith/scott) FPP Connect unable to find/upload sequences if not saving FSEQ files in show folder
-- enh (scott) Added Refresh Button to FPP Connect USB Upload
2018.24 August 5, 2018
-- enh (keith) Allow exclusion of channels in xFade from blending/brightness control
-- enh (keith) Add a sample on warp mode which samples a pixel from the underlying layer and sets the whole model to that colour
-- enh (keith) Add optional render cache ... likely to improve average render times by 30-50%.
-- bug (keith) Fix initialisation of model individual start channels
-- bug (keith) Rework unmask again as the last rework only handled pure black ... this version restores the old unmask which doesnt really unmask and adds a true unmask.
-- enh (keith) Add ESC key to cancel of render all
-- bug (keith) Fix transparent GIFs not rendering correctly
-- enh (keith) Add "Play specified playlist if not playing <playlist name>" and "Play specified playlist if nothing playing <playlist name>" commands to xSchedule
-- enh (dkulp) Introduce multithreading to layer blending