Relase 2018,23 released
Thanks To Gil Jones, Scott Hanson, Chris Debenham and Keith Westley for this content release

13 bug fixes, 8 enhancements

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---------------------------------2018.23 July 27, 2018
-- enh (gil) Increase DMX Effect/Panel to 40 channels.
-- enh (gil) Changed the default channel assignments for the Skulltronix Skull option so that you can set
the start channel to 1 and the Power channel will start at channel 8, Jaw at 9, etc.
-- enh (gil) Added the default Node Names for the Skulltronix Skull option.
-- enh (gil) Timing duration is now read from VSA file instead of a hard-coded 33ms.
-- bug (gil) Corrected VSA import issue when there are inactive tracks mixed in with active tracks. Fixes #1190.
-- bug (keith) Add in bulk edit for canvas mode
-- bug (keith) Fix bug which crashed house video export when writing last frame
-- bug (keith) Fix audio/video sync for some video files
-- bug (keith) Fix crash due to some GIF files where first frame was not the full frame size. Include support for GIF backgrounds
-- bug (keith) Fix check sequence Canvas mode checks
-- enh (keith) Add Y offset to wave effect
-- bug (keith) Fix square wave to make it recognise thickness and mirror properties
-- bug (keith) Fix strobe and meteors incorrectly drawing when responding to music but no music present
-- bug (keith) Fix Add DDP not disabled when outputting to lights
-- bug (keith) Fix align models does not save positions correctly.
-- bug (keith) Fix audio frame data not always prepared correctly leading to audio dependent effects not working as expected
-- enh (keith) Add MIDI scan to setup of MIDI triggered events in xSchedule
-- bug (scott) Fix crash if new group name is blank
-- bug (cjd) Revert to GTK2 due to ongoing instability in GTK3/wxWidgets support