Christmas lighting fans,

As you may have heard earlier this year, Nevada Christmas will not be running any longer. As a result, I have decided to sell it all. A small portion of it was already sold off to a local city who will use it in their park this year. Otherwise, most of it is availableÖand I prefer to sell it off as one big purchase with local pickup (Iím in Minden, NV) as many of the items simply cannot be shipped easily or too large and heavy requiring expensive freight shipping.
Our display was built to withstand heavy winds and has not once failed me (even in 90mph winds).

Here are some videos of our display last year:

Additionally, to see many more pictures, videos and details of our display, look here:

Like, I said, I would like to sell it as one complete purchase and will include 10% off on doing so. Iíll leave that offer open until August 7th, 2018. If not sold by that date, Iíll then open it up to selling it off individually in which buyer pays actual shipping cost.

Here is the Excel list of items to be sold:!AgkHpOLGe9N34XPqumvdNkC76szD

If items are crossed out in red, then they were already sold and not included in the grand total at the bottom. If they have blue links, then those are links to the pictures of the items (which Iím continuing to take pictures and add links for). Items in green sections are to be sold as one complete itemÖas they belong together.

If any questions, please contact me! Thanks all!

Wayne Kremer