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Thread: Strategies to Install Silicone Pixel Strips

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    Default Strategies to Install Silicone Pixel Strips

    I'm planning on mounting pixel strips to the backs/bottoms of my gutters to light up my house to replace my on-ground floodlights which are a nuisance to keep clear when it's snowing.

    The challenge seems to be to figure out how to mount them.

    I don't want them to be permanently mounted because they will get slimy and dirty in our generally year-round wet climate, resulting in less light output. I don't want to install any sort of channel material to tuck the strips inside ( either, because it will just get slimy too.

    I can't use screws because, well, they're gutters.

    I was considering using clear stick-on Velcro (clear makes it less visible in the off-season) every 4 to 8 inches, but besides being a bit tedious to install, the adhesive on the Velcro would likely not stick well to the pixel strips' silicone sleeve. To work around this, I suppose I could try to find some sort of adhesive designed to stick effectively to silicone. I was thinking that I could put clear heat shrink tubing every 4 to 8 inches on the pixel strips because the Velcro strips would likely stick better to heat shrink tubing rather than silicone, but that would be a nuisance to install every 4 to 8 inches over 150 linear feet.

    Any ideas from our thinktank here?

    Edit: I don't want to permanently mount the strips onto anything stiff like PVC pipe (that I would put up and down as one piece) either for several reasons that I don't want to go into detail here. Yes, I seem to be pretty picky with my "requirements".
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    Default Re: Strategies to Install Silicone Pixel Strips

    mount the pixel strip to coroplast with zip ties
    then some of these to hold in place .
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    Default Re: Strategies to Install Silicone Pixel Strips

    1/2" rope light tracks affix with clear 3/4 vhb tape every 16 in.


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