I am trying to figure out what is needed in the way of software and hardware in order to control about 24 different WS2811 LED Strips (16.4 ft. 60LED 20 Pixels) (https://www.amazon.com/Mokungit-5M-W.../dp/B019H9R2MS). I also need to be able to control other DMX devices like DMX servo controllers (2 of them each with 30 DMX addresses controlling 24 servos) and a couple of Tri-Color LED spotlights.

Everything I want to do needs to be synchronized with an audio track.

I have not used LOR, but I am very familiar with Brookshire Software's VSA. I am running about 40 servos through 5 DMX controllers and several DMX lights with that software. I'm sure I could also run the strip lights that way, but VSA maxes out at 256 channels for controlling devices, and that won't be enough. I'll need 480 channels just for the strip lights, and I'll probably need a second DMX universe before I'm done, since I will go over 512.

I know many people in the Christmas forums do large light displays, much larger than what I am starting with, but I am really lost when it comes to what to use for a controller for those LED strips, how that interfaces with LOR, what DMX adapter do I need, what's all this talk about DMX over an IP network (E1.31) and how to program in LOR, if that is really the best tool for the job.

I have also heard that there was some kind of converter that would take already created VSA routines for servos and lights and whatever, and convert it into an LOR routine, that you can then continue to add to. Does such a thing exist? Or is that something for Vixen, or perhaps I dreamed it.

In any case, I am starting from zero here. I am kind of new to DMX, and have only used it in VSA, and I don't know LOR at all. I can learn that, but I really need a 'parts-list' kind of response from all the more experienced people here who know what they're doing, and know what works best. I am open to all suggestions and don't HAVE to go with the LED strips I mentioned, but for my application, I am OK with every 3 LEDs being treated as 1 pixel.

Please excuse my ignorance and guide me to a successful system.

Thank you!