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Thread: Burn-in Testing for Pixel Strips

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    Default Burn-in Testing for Pixel Strips

    I've done burn-in testing for my pixels over the past few years with them still rubber-banded together keep things somewhat neat and tidy during the testing progress. They get warm, but I feel that there is plenty of air circulation so they don't get crazy hot.

    This is my first year going into flex strips which come in reels. I imagine that I want them to get hot in order to stress test them in "extreme" situations to make any "weak" components fail on the test bench rather than in my display in December. Is there a concern about them getting too hot if I test them when wrapped on the reels? In addition, the silicone sleeves would trap extra heat too.

    P.S. Bonus question: I also noticed that the strips come in anti-static bags. What's the reason for this? I can understand needing to take anti-static precautions for bare electronic components or completed circuit boards, but if the strips are encased in a silicone sleeve, doesn't it act as an electrical insulator?
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