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Thread: Levels Deep to Do ?????

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    Default Levels Deep to Do ?????


    Simple test setup. 4 MegaTrees (15 legs) and 4 spinners as toppers (the 16th output channel from the controller).

    Two groups. The first is the MegaTrees. The second is the spinners.
    To get all members of either group to react at the same time and in the same way, I have to manually copy the effect (in this case it is a chase) to each of them.
    I thought that at one time, I could go in and tell it to use a different level within the group ("Levels Deep" = 2 or 3 instead of 0 or 1) to make each of the members of the group react at the same time.
    Instead, all I get is the effect across each member of the group in turn.

    I would much rather add the effect to the group and have all the members of the group do it simultaneously.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

    Edit - I do like applying effects as if the whole thing was just one big prop, but there are times that having each member of the group act together is good too.
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    Default Re: Levels Deep to Do ?????

    Some of the effects have the level depth and others don't. Chase, Spin, Twinkle and Alternate are the ones that have that. In the ones that do, I think Alternating would be the one that would end up doing what you are describing by nature of how it works. I have been wanting to make some enhancements to how that works especially in the case I think you are describing, where you want each of the 4 trees to individually do the same thing. So I think the answer for the most part for now is you may need to have the effect copied to each group to apply as you are describing.


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