2018/18 released
.17 and .18 released.
13 enhancements, 10 bug fixes.
Thanks to scott and keith for this release

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2018.18 June 25, 2018
-- bug (keith) Fix audio wont stop playing
-- enh (keith) Add support for Falcon F48
2018.17 June 24, 2018
-- enh (kevin) Add 'circular swirl' to warp effect
-- enh (kevin) Add 'drop' to warp effect
-- enh (kevin) Add 'wavy' to warp effect
-- bug (kevin) Fix issues with warp effect panel
-- bug (keith) Some xFade fixes and improved UI information
-- bug (keith) Fix layered RGB star doesnt render more than 1 node
-- enh (keith) Add display of % location in morph effect assist
-- bug (keith) Some tweaks to wiring view display
-- enh (keith) Some jukebox configuration improvements
-- enh (keith) Add advance button to xFade for shows on rails
-- bug (keith) Fix blank city name sunrise/set crash
-- enh (keith) Recognise sunup and sundown and similies for sunset and sunrise
-- enh (scott) Submodel import should skip submodels that already exist in the model
-- enh (keith) For multiple firing schedule make the fire time relative the the schedule start time.
-- bug (keith) Fix some issues with multi-firing schedules.
-- enh (keith) Add activate and deactivate a schedule via an API call to xSchedule
-- enh (keith) Add a microphone playlist item to xSchedule to set pixel colors in real time
-- enh (keith) Add ability to make black transparent in video, pictures and matrix faces
-- bug (keith) Fix servo effect values incorrect
-- bug (keith) Fix bulk edit doesnt work on effects with two word names
-- bug (keith) Loading sequence to non existing model wont map to strands or submodels