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Thread: Looking for ST14 style pixels

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    Default Looking for ST14 style pixels

    In years past, we purchased quite a few strings of what were termed to be "ST14" pixels. Unfortunately the seller is no longer in business (as far as we can tell), or is not selling to the DIY community any more. We also picked up bags of covers to convert them from milky white covers to a more traditional C7 look.

    They have held up really well, but it is now time to get some more. Does anyone have a lead as to who offers the product now? They are 12v, WSS2811 based and all of mine are on black wires. Black wires are not a necessity, in fact I would appreciate colored wires (easier to identify V-, V+, and Data.)

    Thanks in Advance

    Edit 7/22/2018 - Trying to upload image. Will not take. Please see thread on green site where I could upload. Thanks.
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