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Thread: Arduino, Vixen 3 and LED tree installation

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    Default Re: Arduino, Vixen 3 and LED tree installation

    Good evening, I take this opportunity to thank each of those who took their time to answer my questions. I'm just starting with this theme of Christmas shows and I've found many limitations. If someone can answer my questions, I would really appreciate it ...

    1. How easy is it to make a power supply with input: 110v AC to output: 25v DC? (and if you have an outline of this I would appreciate it if you allow it)

    2. What transistors can I use for a 110v AC installation to manage its four series independently?

    Thank You, I am sorry for my English, I using Google Translate

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    Default Re: Arduino, Vixen 3 and LED tree installation

    Most of us buy the Power Supplies. There are thousands of power supply schematics available on the web. At its core a power supply is a transformer + bridge rectifier + regulation stage. A switching power supply (significantly more efficient) gets much more complicated.

    AC is not controlled using transistors. You control AC using things like mechanical relays or using a device called a Triac. You can see examples of AC control circuits by looking at the Wiki on this forum and searching for SSR (Solid State Relay). A Mechanical relay cannot do dimming. An SSR has the ability to support dimming via PWM signals on its input that are in sync with the AC line.

    2018 - Moving and going to visit my Daughter in New Zealand. Most likely I will be dark or nearly dark, Some static stuff that is simple to put up.

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