2018.16 released

Thanks to Kevin, Scott, Dan and Keith for this release

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2018.16 June 16, 2018
-- enh (kevin) Added warp effect for use with canvas blend style
-- enh (scott) Added Vixen FSEQ File Support to xSchedule
-- enh (dkulp) Scale bitmap buttons for locks/value curves, color panels on HiDPI screens
-- enh (dkulp) New high-res lock/unlock icons
-- enh (dkulp) Initial support for using system background colors
-- bug (dkulp) TouchBar forward/back buttons reversed
-- enh (scott) Added "Copy", "Import from Model", and "Import from File" Buttons to the Submodel Dialog.
- Copy The Currently Selected SubModel.
- Import SubModels from another Model.
- Import SubModels from a xmodel files.
-- enh (keith) Add xFade
-- bug (keith) Windows update does not directly download zip file
-- bug (keith) xCapture doesnt filter out non ArtDMX packets