I need to connect about 50 espixelsticks to a PI3 running Falcon Player.
I want to use a UNIFI wireless router; the PI3 will be wired connected to it.
The maximum distance from the router to the espixelsticks is about 25m (about 82ft) in open space.
The espixelsticks will run as DMX512 receivers.
It will be only one DMX512 univers, each espixelstick will output the same DMX512 univers;
The espixelstick output will send dmx data to a PIC micro wich will decode the data and uses 3 channels.
This selection will be made from the espixelstick's web settings :
for the first espixelstick : start channel = 1, channel count = 150,
for the second espixelstick : start channel = 2, channel count = 150, etc.
The first PIC micro will use the channels 1, 51 and 101, the second PIC micro will uses channels 2, 52, 102 ... 50, 100, 150.
I have setup the espixelsticks working in multicast mode.
I have tested with 3 espixelsticks connected to the router and I have lags after 3-4min of correct working.
Pls advise if my project is posible to make and how can I eliminate the lags.
thank you.