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Thread: lags on serial DMX512 Espixelstick

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    Default Re: lags on serial DMX512 Espixelstick

    Quote Originally Posted by laurtib View Post
    Thank you Dirk for this details
    Your project condition is near mine.
    I want to place the ESPs on a 160ft disc placed to about 20ft up from the ground and the UNIFI AP in the midle, the maximum distance to any ESP should be no more then 80ft. The UNIFI AP will be placed at 5-10ft from the ground.
    When you have set the static IP address for the ESPs they joined the network without any problems.
    Have you used the AP Fallback option ?
    Aslo, when you have lags or dropout, what did you do, shut down and power up everything, restart using REBOOT button on the admin ESP's homepage ?
    You said that your show runs 24/7, right ?
    If I want to run about 10min each hour, you think it is ok to use scheduler in Falcon Player, or should I power down everything after the 10min running adn restart when I want the new 10min show.
    This means that on a new power up, all the systems will have a fresh start - it could be ok, right ?
    Thank you again for sharing your experience.
    I don't use the AP Fallback option. I haven't found it to be helpful or even useful in my application. If something doesn't work, it's usually because of one of three things: There is no power to the controller (possible GFCI), the ESP has died or it's too cold for things to function. It can easily be -30F here (or colder) and when it's that cold, there are no visitors anyway: everybody stays home.

    I don't shut down or restart the show unless of a major power problem or if it's not safe to operate (conditions too wet, for example). The controllers stay powered on 24x7 to keep them warm in our frigid winter temperatures, but the show itself only runs from 4:30pm to 10:30pm daily.

    I do not use the Falcon player although I've found it to be very solid. It is my 2nd backup for my show controller. I use the old Vixen 2.1 and its scheduler. It's worked perfectly for me for 10 years, so that's what I go with. I build a program (list of sequences) and then schedule it to start at 4:30pm and end at 10:30pm The show itself runs 59+ minutes in length, so I have it set to repeat itself on its own until 10:30pm. It usually ends between 10:28-10:29pm and at 10:30 I play the daily signoff. After that, it goes dark but the mains power stays on. The computer shuts itself down at 11pm. I have two Dell computers set up with identical hard drives and electronics so if Vixen1 goes dead for some reason, I use Vixen2 instead. And this year, I'll have the Falcon player as the 3rd machine. I've only had to use the Vixen2 computer once in the past 10 years and that was because of a blown capacitor on the Vixen1 main board.

    As far as a "fresh start" goes, I don't know whether that's necessary or even advisable. Anytime you shut a computer off and then power it up again you're tempting fate as the electricity suddenly courses through all those tiny, little parts. Shutting it down and restarting it multiple times every night might provide ample opportunity for some sort of corruption or electronic malady to crop up. At least that's my opinion. Depending on the makeup of your show and the number of channels you're using, YMMV...

    There's a very, very important concept that DIY'ers need to use. It's called the KISS concept. Keep It Simple, Stupid! The more complicated you make things, the more repairs and other issues you should expect to have. Other DIY'ers may chime in here about KISS, but I think most would agree....
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