2018.15 released. Thanks to Dan Kulp and Keith Westley for the content in thsi release.

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2018.15 June 10, 2018
-- enh (dkulp) Big speedup for Canvas mode
-- enh (keith) Add PixelEditor import
-- bug (keith) Fix LMS CCR imports not working correctly
-- bug (keith) Fix delete and select on a node row not working
-- enh (keith) Add ability for xSchedule to trigger a jukebox item
-- enh (keith) Add the ability to shift a set of selected effects by a given time interval
-- enh (keith) Add collapse all layers to row heading right click menu
-- enh (keith) Add parent model to submodel names when they are in groups and the group is expanded in sequencer
-- enh (keith) Add the ability to time shift value curves
-- enh (keith) Add -o command line option to turn on output to lights when xlights starts
-- bug (keith) Fixes for crashes in xLights, xSchedule and xCapture