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Thread: Vixen freezing Arduino Mega. Can anyone confirm?

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    Default Vixen freezing Arduino Mega. Can anyone confirm?

    I upload any code, even the blink one, open Vixen, Arduino blinks as it should.
    But if I close Vixen, plug out usb, and then replug it again (arduino starts blinking again) and open Vixen again, Arduino just freezes and doesn't even blink. I have to close Vixen and wait few seconds for it to blink again. Then I can just open Vixen again and it runs smoothly.

    Anyone have any ideas? Could it be only me? Using latest official Vixen build (3.4u3 Build #508).

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    Default Re: Vixen freezing Arduino Mega. Can anyone confirm?

    I had a similar issue with my Uno. What worked for me was starting Vixen then plugging in the Uno. If I unplugged the Uno and the re-plugged it in it wouldn't work. It seems to me there is something going on with the COM port assignment when you unplug the Arduino and re-plug it back in. My guess is that Vixen sees the Arduino on a COM port and when you unplug and plug it back it in Windows will assign it a different COM port because Vixen shows that port already in use.

    I would say start Vixen first and leave the Arduino plugged in.

    If you must unplug it either restart Vixen too or you can try going into the settings for the Arduino, change the COM port to something else, then change it back to the correct port. It usually took several attempts before it would work for me so I just gave up and left the Arduino plugged in.

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