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    Default Took the plunge

    Just ordered a falcon controller and some other goodies
    F8-Distro X2
    F48 Differential Controller X1
    4-String Differential Receiver Board x3
    F-Amp (5-pack) x1

    Playing with some Amazon 5v rgb pixels right now, but have a quote from paul to get 12v. Plan is to use 12v for my house outline (planning for it to be permanent), and all the 5v pixels for window outlines and a prop or two. Now I just have to learn to sequence LOL!! Y'all hold my beer and watch this.......

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    Default Re: Took the plunge

    Enjoy the ride and welcome aboard!

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    Congrats. There is alot of people that can help you learn to sequence. Be prepared for your show to grow and grow and grow! It's an addiction!!

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    Default Re: Took the plunge

    One of my biggest suggestions is be sure to set up a good preview in whatever sequencing software you use. Take some time to make is as accurate as you can. Use pictures of your house, props, what ever you are using in your show. As an example, I use inflatables in my show, so I took pics of the boxes they came in, cropped them out and pasted them onto the pic of my house I was using. Then I could add lights to them in the preview. The closer you get your preview to what you plan to do, the closer you sequences will look to the finished product.

    Oh and Welcome to the fun. There is nothing more satisfying then watching the faces in the cars that drive by light up in amazement, wonder, and Christmas cheer.
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