2018.14 released. 9 enhancements, 4 bugs.
Content this release is from Keith and Scott

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2018.14 May 23, 2018
-- enh (keith) Add select/copy/paste all effects on a model
-- enh (keith) Add windows check for newer version
-- enh (keith) Add search to sequences/lyrics download
-- enh (keith) Add CSV format to Glediator effect. Each line is a frame, each column is a channel.
-- bug (keith) Fix image model does not work in a group correctly
-- enh (keith) Add ability to syncronise shape effects
-- bug (keith) Add fixes to keep available render buffers correct
-- enh (keith) Add white channel support to the DMX model
-- enh (keith) Add video render caching to eliminate the need to continually shrink large videos
-- enh (keith) Add support for sunrise and sunset to schedule
-- bug (keith) Fix some anomalies with resetting schedules
-- bug (scott) Fix for new sequence files saving in the FSEQ folder not the show folder
-- enh (scott) Added File Read option to Text Playlist Item in xSchedule