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Thread: About "Fibonacci v3D" project by evilgeniuslabs

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    Question About "Fibonacci v3D" project by evilgeniuslabs

    Hello, friends!
    I'm sorry for pore English, but I'll try to speak simple )
    I'm not programmer and I don't know math good. Just USSR-school level. Now, I'm trying to teach C (for arduino or ESP using)
    I want to talk about "Fibonacci v3D" project by evilgeniuslabs.
    I'm interested by subj and it was interesting for me to understand - how author make "magic" with arrays.
    I don't know why I need it. May be to make larger matrix by Fibonacci order, or just to better understanding how to make interesting additional effects in some projects just by adding new pixel order by arrays.
    I want to describe my "research" results. May be it will be useful for somebody or may be somebody can tell me where I'm wrong.
    Well, for beginning I have look to Fibonacci principles. Earlier I read about it (for example in this russian book: Золото Древней Руси)
    I have google some more. All literature that I found and MS Excell file you can see here. May be it would be interesting fo somebody. Of course you can find much more in internet.

    First of all I took all arrays data from scetch to one table. (spreadsheet called "FROM SCETCH')
    Then, I have make graphic with pixel connection order.
    On graph with original order of X/Y coordinates we can see "Fibonacci" structure:

    01.jpg Sorted by "original sorting order" field

    If we make sorting by "fibonacci To Physical" field - we can see physical connection of pixels:
    02.jpg Sorted by "fibonacci To Physical" field

    But I can not understand what array "physical To Fibonacci" means ((. If I make sorting by this field - I got chaos structure:

    03.jpg Sorted by "physical To Fibonacci" field

    I found one version, what "physical To Fibonacci" may be means: if I sort by "angles" field - I can get not chaos structure:
    04.jpg Sorted by "Angles" field

    May be some one can say - what "physical To Fibonacci" array means? ))

    Author make project for teensy board, but I have no this board to test. I tried to compile fo Arduino Mega (cutted some voids) - it is not stable.
    Trying to burn ESP8266 was unsuccessfully too. Pixel was too low bright. May be I have broken hardware - I'm not sure.
    In any case - I want to understand about "physical To Fibonacci" array role in subj project before buiyng teensy for it ))
    Hope, you not very tied read this. And hope that you can understand me )
    By link you can find MS Excell file, where you can easy make calculations for other angle (not 137.508 degrees). If you change angle - you will get another structure. Or you can make calculations for larger amount of pixels.
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    Default Re: About "Fibonacci v3D" project by evilgeniuslabs

    very interesting and cool looking, For 100 led I don't think you need a teensy. I couldn't figure out the arrays. Maybe he explains them in an earlier project?
    What problem did you have running your sketch?

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    Default Re: About "Fibonacci v3D" project by evilgeniuslabs

    Quote Originally Posted by MikeKrebs View Post
    Maybe he explains them in an earlier project?
    I found good description about "logical" on another project of this author. But cant find for this project.
    In any case, I think that I found main "principal" of building arrays.
    Quote Originally Posted by MikeKrebs View Post
    What problem did you have running your sketch?
    It is difficult for me to say about them in English. I know well about driving pixel leds. I reading about driving pixel leds about three years. I'm understand English, but I can't talk well.
    In first message there error - I will begin learning C#, not teach somebody (in russian - it is one word with same letters, but different meaning)
    Problem not in non-working scetch on wrong platform.
    I found interesting for myself about arrays. It is good and simple technic to add more functionality for some project for example. I want to know more abuot it. I'll study to programming and may be understand how to use them well. I'm affraid, that I am not so young to teach programming languages ( I can read and understand a little what happens in scetches, but I'm like a dog - understanding, but can not say anything )). In my case - I can't make own full program.
    Well, to many words about me )
    May be somebody understanding and can say for us about principles of "arrays magics" of this scetch?
    As for me - MS Excell file can help to understand if somebody need it.
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