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Thread: Shortcut to add effect at play cursor?

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    Default Shortcut to add effect at play cursor?

    I would like to speed up my sequence making process. So far, I wrote the AHK script that binds Z to add mark and X to align the effect to the both marks. The only thing slowing me down is the effect placement. If there was any shortcut to place or paste the effect at play cursor I could write the script that places mark once the hotkey is pressed, then places the effect, adds another mark once the hotkey is released and finally aligns it to the both ends.
    Is there any other solution or workaround? As the result i would like to have the live editor with a keyboard key bound to each channel. As far as I know Vixen can't do that natively, right?

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    Default Re: Shortcut to add effect at play cursor?

    It would not be feasible to add a shortcut key to each element row in the timeline. There will easily be more rows than keys in a setup of any real size. It could be possible to add a shortcut to add the selected effect in the effect form to the grid in the active row at the cursor position.

    I am not sure what you are specifically trying to make faster, but there are a number of tools in the editor to rapidly add effects and existing shortcuts to do all the alignment functions.

    You can already add the same effect very rapidly using draw mode in the editor. Select an effect in the effects list and then select the pencil in the toolbar at the top. That puts in it draw mode. Then you can use your mouse to click and drag a selection box and it will add the effect inside that selection box. If the selection box spans multiple rows, then multiple effects will be added of the same size. The duration is set by the selection box as well. Then you can use the Ctrl-Shift-B to align all of them to the nearest marks.

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    Default Re: Shortcut to add effect at play cursor?

    As Jeff mentioned there’s not enough keys on a keyboard to map to elements in any average sized display. Even a tiny 32 channel show wouldn’t have enough keys since we have so many in use already.
    It sounds like you might want to adjust your workflow a bit. Right now you’re trying to set the timing, pick effects and do the time alignment all in one step. If you adjust so that you’re doing each step separately then each successive step gets easier because there’s shortcuts to do things in bulk.

    You can already drop marks in real time by using the tapper functionality. I should know this from memory but it’s either control space or shift space during playback. Create a new Mark collection and play thru the sequence or a section of it. In the first pass just focus on dropping marks where you want the effects to be.
    Then go back to the beginning of that section and right click on the element row you want to add effects on. Right click there and hold the shift key and click add effect and pick the effect you want to add. The shift gives you the add multiple form. Here you can tell it where to put however many copies of that effect you like. There’s options in here to align them to the marks.
    After you’ve added the effects you may want to spread them out across different elements. It’s easy now to just go thru them and drag them to the rows you want them in. You already have the marks so they’ll stay snapped where they belong in time.


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