2018.12 released

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2018.12 May 11, 2018
-- enh (dkulp) Support for 4 channel pixel strings (RGBW variants)
-- enh (dkulp) Allow specifying how to handle mapping of RGB -> RGBW
-- bug (dkulp) Hostnames were not usable in several places, had to use IP addresses
-- enh (dkulp) FPP Connect - upload output settings for DDP outputs
-- bug (dkulp) Fix crash if uploading zig zag settings to FPP controller
-- enh (scott) Added Folder Setting dialog for Media, FSEQ, Backup, and Alt Backup Directories.
-- bug (keith) Fix tendril crash when movement was set to zero
-- bug (keith) Upgrade some check sequence warnings to errors
-- bug (keith) More fixes for images on resizing buffers
-- bug (keith) Fix test dialog issues for model groups that contain submodels
-- bug (keith) Fix import from sequence with nothing to import causes crash
-- enh (keith) Add value curves to snowflakes and meteors
-- bug (keith) Fix discard on exit prompts for recovery when sequence next opened
-- bug (keith) Fix bulk edit not working on some effects
-- enh (keith) Add the ability to drop an image, video or glediator files onto grid and create the right effects
-- enh (keith) Rework canvas blend style to support canvas and blend at the same time
-- bug (keith) Fix a bunch of problems with output id's such as not saving them, missing on LOR etc
-- enh (keith) Add the ability to save and load face mappings
-- bug (keith) Get xCapture working correctly with multicast data
-- enh (keith) Rework PJLink. Existing PJLinks will stop working replaced by a new projector play list item which
knows how to control many more projector models
-- enh (keith) Add support for sparse submodel buffers and label rows more clearly
-- bug (keith) Some fixes to auto custom model that significantly improve the model generated ... reduce the
number of missed pixels and the ability to process poor video
-- enh (keith) Add jukebox
-- enh (keith) Add lyric track and sequence download
-- enh (keith) Add random value curve setting. Convert to custom once you are happy with your curve or it will
keep changing every time the effect is rendered.