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Thread: Questions about outlet recently installed

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    Default Re: Questions about outlet recently installed

    Quote Originally Posted by Wayne J View Post
    Yes, that is what you want. In my show I have a panel board of 15 GFCI outlets, feed with 5 power cords. They are wired in parallel which is what you want. This way, when one trips, the others do not. I have my display broken up in "power feeds" so when a GFCI trips, I know where to start looking for issues.
    The way yours are set up is what you need.

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    This is exactly how I wired my old house and plan on wiring the new house the same way.
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    Default Re: Questions about outlet recently installed

    I havenít read everyoneís replies. I realize I joked about my own situation in the FB group. Though Iím not a certified electrician, I am a DIY guy and have been doing my own electrical the past 10 years on my own home. No issues to speak of. With that said.
    Your setup appears fine.
    What to expect:
    1) If by chance you have a connection water gets into GFCI will kick in.
    - If youíre using all 4 outlets and the detection by the GFCI happens with the outlets at the end, youíll lose the lights in that outlet group till you reset and thereís no threat of shock (wet connection is dry).
    -Otherwise, if the other outlet (not the end), all will shut off if a connection gets wet.
    Obviously, I could share in more detail, but I want to keep it fairly simple.

    I think, as long as your connections and lights are waterproof, I could assume you could be fine. No need to fret any more than if you were to plug into any other olí outlet.
    Your electrician just went above and beyond is all.

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    Default Re: Questions about outlet recently installed

    To address the outlets being 15A but the circuit 20A. See here:
    I was pretty sure that was the case but couldn't cite the code myself.
    Long story short: An outlet truly rated for 20A probably isn't what you want. Just divide the load somewhat evenly between the two outlets and call it good. To use 20A rated parts would be a PITA (the plugs are slightly different) and if you tried to do it by putting 2 power strips on a single outlet you'd overload the 15A capacity of the outlet (maybe? Actually not sure if the 15A rating is per outlet or for the set) so by having two sets of outlets you can safely use all 20A of the circuit. That assumes the GFCIs are wired in parallel which the probably were since that'd be the only reason to give you two. As to why he did GFCI instead of normal outlets, probably because you indicated you'd be using them to feed power outside your house. Keep in mind they can get a little sensitive after a few years so just count on replacing them every other year or so.

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    Default Re: Questions about outlet recently installed

    So long as one GFCI is not connected to the LOAD side of the other then you should be fine.
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