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Thread: Motion sensor setup on FPP & Raspberry Pi

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    Default Motion sensor setup on FPP & Raspberry Pi

    Okay I am new at doing this part and need some big help. Have pieced some things together about using GPIO inputs on the Raspberry Pi and then using FPP to trigger an event which plays a playlist. But I can not get my motion sensor to trigger in FPP. If I trigger the event in FPP manually then it works fine so I know that part is setup right.

    I have a JSN-SR04T ultrasonic distance measuring sensor. I had a link to someone using this like a beam sensor to detect motion like I want to do but can't find it now - great!!! Using the answer at I was able to wire up the sensor to the pi. I did change the GPIO pin though as FPP does not use GPIO14 as an input so I changed it to GPIO4. Is this wired up correctly?

    Another problem I have though is this sensor requires a Trigger to send the pulse to see if it senses something. In the answer above the user wrote a script to take care of this. Is there something I can do in FPP so this is a constant pulse so it keeps sending a trigger signal to the sensor?

    What I want to be able to do is mount this sensor in the post of my driveway lights so when a vehicle passes it starts the playlist of the driveway lights sequence.

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    Default Re: Motion sensor setup on FPP & Raspberry Pi

    here is a suggestion unrelated to getting this to work directly off the pi. Get the cheapest arduino you can find (maybe a esp8266?). attach the sensor to the arduino and you can drive it continuously. when you detect the movement you are looking for, trigger a gpio that is connected to the pi.


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