So, I've been mulling over some 'lighting web platform' ideas that I think may be interesting for the community. I admit, many of these are a work in progress but I'll let the video / demo speak a little bit about the direction I'd like to take this.

All in all I'd like to start helping the community aggregate training resources, member accomplishments, and ease entry into functions like viewer text messaging (displayed on a matrix). The platform could host the logical complexities and interface with say a plugin for FPP or xScheduler for example. Removing the need for a user to program a web portal / api text message gateway.

All feedback/questions are welcome. If you have 10 minutes I appreciate you taking the time to watch. If you'd like to stay up to date on the progress you can sign up for a monthly newsletter at

Really curious if anyone identifies with any of these needs / views. Thanks for readin!