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    Default Easy Simple Way

    I have some friends that want me to put lights on the outside of house. I will be using bullets ws2811. At most I'd say is 800-1000 pixels.

    Assuming all wiring / injection / null pixels/ and PSU are all good what would be the simplest, easiest pixel controller that would allow a simple patterns ( very much like FPP or Xlights test patterns ) that is cheap and very easy to maintain ? I don't want to have to go over to there house after install every month or so.

    Almost like set it and forget it , or go over and say replace USB stick, SD card, Upload to controller, etc for a new set of patterns and schedule. ?

    I have the RPI. PIcap on my house and it works well, except I suck at xlights.

    No light show or anything with music.


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    Default Re: Easy Simple Way

    I would still say the PI is the best bet. And it lets you change things for different seasonal events. You dont need to be great at xLights or Vixen to make something that looks good.

    2018 - Moving and going to visit my Daughter in New Zealand. Most likely I will be dark or nearly dark, Some static stuff that is simple to put up.


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