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Thread: IP65 vs IP67 LED Pixel Strip

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    Default IP65 vs IP67 LED Pixel Strip

    Does anyone know how IP65(silicone injected/encased) and IP67(silicone tube) WS2811 pixel strips hold up over extended amounts of time? Is one better than the other? What do you prefer? Which applications is each best suited for?

    I ask because I’m curious what other people think and use. It seems like all the ‘holiday’ vendors only carry IP67 (silicone tube) strips which has me wondering.

    When I got started a few years ago I ran across the two versions and figured that I’d rather have my LED’s encased in silicone rather than in a tube where moisture could possibly collect if the tube was compromised. Therefore I started using the IP65 strips. I currently have about 50’ of IP65 strips mounted to the backside of my eve facia boards shining light on the soffit and freeze board/trim. I’ve had these permanently mounted for about 2 years now and they have not given me any problems. The silicone is slightly yellowing/discoloring but nothing too concerning.

    When researching before posting this topic I also found out there is an IP68 version that looks like the whole strip (front/sides/back) is encased in silicone. This is the first I’ve seen of this and I haven’t really run across these on eBay before. Looks like they are out there but not as common.

    Here is a picture to help show the differences between the different types of you are not familiar.




    What are everyone’s thoughts?

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    Default Re: IP65 vs IP67 LED Pixel Strip

    I will only buy the silicon tube version. I used to have the molded silicon but after a few heating / cooling cycles the silicon started to separate from the board.

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    Default Re: IP65 vs IP67 LED Pixel Strip

    The molded strip in the past have had problems with it discoloring. it would start getting yellow. I do not know about ones being produced today.

    This might help also.
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    Default Re: IP65 vs IP67 LED Pixel Strip

    I ran some "weather testing" on strip back in 2011-2012. It was more of testing on various methods of sealing connections on strips when I ran it but I did use some of the coated strip and some strip that had the silicone sleeve over it. Some things that I noticed back then:

    1. The coated strip tended to "cloud over" within a couple of months of weather exposure and by the end of the testing (approx. 8 months), it was to the point that you couldn't see the chips inside the silicone.

    2. The silicone sleeve appeared to work nicely but the biggest problem with it that I saw was when trying to cut into a section and make a replacement and then repair the sleeve. Tough to get it sealed back up without looking like a big ball of neutral silicone over the areas where the sleeve joined. Also, the changes in temp from sunlight/daytime to nighttime would cause the sleeve to "creep" some and that could/did break the seal where it had been repaired.

    3. The coated strip had a tendency to delaminate over time when it was pulled back to make any repairs. Just separated from the base material over the course of testing.

    I did not have any fully encased in silicone or epoxy type strip (IP68) at that time to test so can't say how that will hold up.

    I would think that sealing and materials have improved since then (at least I would hope so).

    My tests were posted over on the Australian Christmas lighting forum back then. Here is a link:


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