Just a reminder the TransWorld's Christmas Show is coming to St. Louis March 21-24, 2019. If anyone is interested, tickets are still available. It is being held at the America’s Center in downtown St Louis on March 21-24th.

Tickets are pricey though at $60 per person. The price is an early bird special. On March 18, the price goes up to $75 a ticket. But the show is a 4 day event and it is being held with the Halloween show. So both shows for one price! According to my contact at the show, there will be lots of free parties, mixers, demos, early bird seminars that are all included each day. The show floor is over 400,000 sq ft with 370 vendors and over 13,000 attendees. Go to Christmas one day and Halloween the next 😊

For more info about the events click on the links below.




P.S. There is an age restriction, no one under 16 allowed.