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    Hey Joe,

    I'm using XL/NC for some of my effects. When I drop the .hlsnc file into my HLS sequence I do so while displaying all the individual channels (never been able to get the XL/NC effects when using an .hlsnc file to work properly when using multiple PixelPlanes) I've just selected all the channels and inserted the .hlsnc file on all channels.

    While I can drop individual models with no problem some of the effects I do are 'whole house' where everything is working off 1 model.... In the past I've been able to drop those right into HLS via .hlsnc files in 1 big transfer without having to go to each individual model and doing them 1 at a time.

    I added a lot of pixels this year and when I went to "Manage Channels" and tried to select ALL of my individual channels I'm having a problem with getting them to all display in the sequencer grid. While I AM able to select all the channels with the radio box....when I click "OK" to display them in the sequencer only 10,000 will display in the grid..... I have in excess of 12,000....

    This process/technique has been working well for me for several seasons....but the new pixels I added this year apparently blew right through the upper limit....

    Would it be possible to bump the viewable/workable channels up from what I assume is a 10,000 limit?

    Thanks for considering.....

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