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Thread: HP DPS-800GB Power Supply Breakout Board

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    Default HP DPS-800GB Power Supply Breakout Board

    With the advent of bitcoin mining and Drone Battery charging, a large interest has developed in high amp 12V power supplies.

    As an alternative to the ubiquitous Meanwell supplies, folks have been repurposing super high quality Server power supplies.
    Why? Because they are inexpensive for the Watts produced.
    These 'hot pluggable' supplies from the folks at HP (and others) are designed to run for many years and are manufactured in the 100's of thousands of units. Quality, Space and Efficiency are of the utmost in the design of these supplies.
    However, they are not general purpose and do not come with a terminal strip across the back for direct wire connection.
    Therefore, you can find various breakout boards to connect to these proprietary designs.

    You can find these supplies, used, on ebay and other sites. Or you may be like me and get them for free when servers are retired from use.
    You'd be surprised how many folks get these for free by talking to their IT department.
    (I do NOT sell these supplies)

    The particular model I built a breakout board for is the HP DPS-800GB Power Supply.
    This is an extremely popular and numerous supply.
    It can run off either 120V or 240V AC.
    Its basically a 12V supply, but does produce 4 different voltages: (at 240V AC these numbers go up)
    +12v at 65A (780Watts) ... that is NOT a typo.
    +5V at 2A
    +3.3V at 8A
    -12v at 300ma
    It's also amazingly small for the power: 230mm x 88mm x 54mm.

    I produced these for my own use. I have more than I need.
    If you want a bare PCB, they are $2. PM me if interested.
    I have not load tested these. So, I don't know if you could really pull all 65A through this board or not.

    As a reference, here is what someone else has created for this same supply:
    My solution is way cheaper. The parts cost about $8. ( A BOM is listed below the pictures)

    Click to enlarge the pictures of my breakout:
    Hp power supply breakout #1.jpg
    Hp power supply breakout #2.jpg

    The Bill of Materials is really simple.
    There is the edge connector, Terminal connectors, LEDs, resistors and a switch.
    Everything is optional except the edge connector.

    The trick with this supply is that it won't turn on the +12V power rail until two of its output pins are shorted together.
    This is done with the switch in the upper left hand corner. Of course, you can also just solder a permanent jumper across the holes and forget about the switch or use something more simple like a pin header with a jumper plug. The holes are spaced at the common 2.54mm distance.

    The resistor values are determined on the LEDs you use and will vary on the LED and the voltage driving it. There are many online calculators to use to determine appropriate values. All resistors are 1/4W. (tayda part: A-2200; for example)

    The main terminal blocks are on 5mm spacings. (tayda part: A-4569) qty: 6
    The small terminal blocks are on 3.5mm spacings. (tayda part: A-662) qty: 3
    The LEDs have a footprint suitable for a 3mm LED. Any color will do. I use LEDs from light strings! (tayda part: A-261) NOTE: pick different colors!
    The switch can be anything with a 2.54 pin pitch. Has to be narrow. (tayda part: A-5102) (Save money with a pin header and a jumper)


    The edge connector is 2x32 pin, right hand, through hole, with a 2.54mm hole spacing.
    Specifically an FCI 10053363-200LF was used in the pictures.
    (I know there are other lower cost alternatives. I have found generics to this on ebay for about 1/4 the price off mouser, BUT have not tried any of them.

    Most folks have what they need to build this in their parts box with the exception of the FCI connector.
    PM me if you need more info.
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