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Thread: Mega tree topper for 2018

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    Default Mega tree topper for 2018

    This is a demo of my tree topper design .
    I have been without a topper for 5 years and finally got around to creating one .
    For 2018 I am manufacturing & incorporating several types of true 3D props that support rgb or pixels .

    Might this inspire your next design .


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    Default Re: Mega tree topper for 2018

    Interesting idea.
    Are you planning to use fixed color, RGB, or Pixels for each star?
    How are you delivering power/data to each star?
    There are rotors that are designed to pass electrical connections to a rotating device but I do not know if they can handle data.
    Of course, you could use wireless like an ESPixelStick or equivalent for data. Then you could use a rotor for power.
    A couple quick links about rotary connectors:
    High end?

    beware gimbal lock



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