Hi Guys
ive attached a picture of a board setup that im hoping to do for Halloween, and im just wondering being new to all this, will it actually work?

my idea of thinking

the servo controller pca9685 will drive the servos which in turn will provide movement to my props

the 74hc595 will give me the extra channels needed for the lights (5 lights for the props and 5 for atmospheric lights) i know i haven't included the right amount of relays/outputs but wanted to make sure before i went any further

the relays ive used are set as singles and arent dimmable (something that i want) but couldn't find the right board in the software and the lights i will be using are dumb single colour led strips on 2 channels led spots on 2 channels an led strobe on 1 channel
and for the prop lights probably cut length leds stips at 30cms

thanks in advance