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Thread: 2018.5 released

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    Default 2018.5 released

    2018.5 released

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    2018.5 Feb 05, 2018
    -- enh (gil) Added a new LOR output that allows xLights to control CCRs, Pixies, and other
    existing controllers to run on a LOR network (LOR USB dongle).
    -- bug (gil) Protect against crash if user sets DMX flood light channel values higher than total changes.
    -- bug (dkulp) Fix brightness if contrast isnt set
    -- enh (keith) Add matrix face downloader
    -- enh (keith) Add the ability to lock effects. This will prevent moving and resizing only.
    -- bug (keith) Fix face centred not working all the time
    -- bug (keith) Fix brightness slider does not work with pictures effect
    -- enh (keith) Add some course grained volume controls to Audio menu
    -- enh (keith) Add waveform colors to the colour manager
    -- enh (keith) Add a screen mapper playlist item ... in theory this lets you do real time video on an element ... among other things.
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    Default Re: 2018.5 released

    You guys rock. Thanks for all the hard work you all put into this.

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    Default Re: 2018.5 released

    This version of xlights is total awesome. I simply love it!

    I am new to this lighting software as well as to this community in general, always loved the light displays at the holidays. So this year I decided to give it shot myself. I purchased a few Lor controllers to start with Used and like everyone knows usually they haven't been used in awhile or someone has no idea what the unit I'd numbers are.(by the way I figured this out after I purchased them). I downloaded the 2017 xlights version about a month ago and began playing around with it,but never really got the program to output to the lights.(probably since I didn't know unit I'd numbers)

    Anyways I downloaded the free demo version of Lor to use the hardware utility and reprogram the controllers, just like you would do if u owned the Lor program , which I don't! Opened the new 2018 xlights and the new Lor controller function worked perfectly, very easy to use! Watched the short 10min YouTube video on it.

    I just wanted to Thank everyone who worked on the making of this program, to be honest I still can't believe this is a free program, it really is far superior and much easier to use then Vixen(which I tried as well)Great program for beginners and experts. And as mentioned the New Lor feature makes Lor controller integration and programming very simple and easy!

    The only thing that I really would love to have seen in this new upgrade would have been It able to Import sequences or effects from Vixen 3. Since a lot of people seem to share very nice sequences done in vixen 3 and not so much in vixen 2. And yes I know I can download vixen 2 and convert, vixen 3 files to vixen 2 and then bring them into xlights, so I know it's not that large of an issue,but it's probably the only feature this program is missing now.

    Again Thanks to everyone in xlights for making this program very beginner friendly!

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    Default Re: 2018.5 released

    Unfortunately you will not likely ever see a vixen 3 to xLights conversion. It would be very hard to produce and maintain and there just isnít enough demand for it.

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