Hi all,
Very new to this, much to the annoyance of my partner, Iím setting up a small light display this year for both Halloween and Xmas,
Iíve done loads of background research but Iím still at a pause for now.

So far I have
Vixen 2 & 3 ( donít know which one to use)
Arduino uno r3
Adafruits 16ch servo controller
Basic 4 channel relay board

I figured Iíd start with the minimum and expand from there, what Iíd like to do is something similar to the singing pumpkins and skeleton to start, hence the servo controller,

Anyone any idea where to start Iíve had a look at vixen and tried to follow some of the instrucables out there, only to end up more confused.

Iíd like to have 1 solo pumpkin and 4 background pumpkins And a few lights dotted around

Any help on setting the servos and extracting the data for moving the servos would be greatly appreciated