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i dont mind sharing cost but usually i dont order anything before July as i never know what i will be updated or change in my show ,,, as for going with the usa presale ,,,DONT do it ,, it is still cheaper to get it from china ,,and with china you have warranty ,,,ray ,,paul or scoth ..will send you replacement at no cost if something is defect ,,,, in the state you are out of luck ,,,, also with china you have your stock in less than 4 days if in stock ,,2 week if need to be produce ,,,, in the usa ,,,,you purchase now on presale and if you are lucky you get your stuff bye sept ... if nothing is wrong with it ... and for 200 pixel sometime aliexpress have wicket deal with free shipping ,, as that is only 3-5 string ..i even got some from amazon for 12 v 50 pixel for 24 $ cdn shipp to my door that survive this crazy winter so there is a lot of option beside buying from usa pre sale ..and if you have acces to usa adress amazon .com also add a wicket deal on them last summer
but what ever your planning ordering ,,,order more as you will need spare or will change your mind and add more and its nice to have the same connector or light pattern
I've never had an issue with warranty replacements from US based pre-sales. Sure you have to wait a little longer for them but you are also supporting DIYC members.

I was entertaining the possibility of being a "distributor" for some of the common stuff we use but don't think I could ever buy enough quantity to make it cheaper than going direct (whether that be China or US).