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Thread: Animation faces?

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    Quote Originally Posted by angus40 View Post
    Well I am hoping you test it and report back . The one thing in HLS the I have not played with much is face animations .
    I did one song a couple of years ago and recall it work perfectly , but I still have not built face props.
    Hopefully this year I can get to it .

    Per your request Rich....

    I took some time and played with the multiple faces option. I added 4 small pixel trees (about 6 feet tall) and a large PMT in a sequence.

    When you go to the "Animation" tab>"Assign Number of faces" it made all 5 faces available when I went to 'Create Vocal Sheet".

    From there you just proceed as you do with 1 face....complete 1 and come back and do another.... Nothing really different in the steps once you get the multiple faces identified.

    It works like a champ once everything is set up.

    I did run into 1 issue though. Sometimes when you goto “Animation” >”Place Animation Effects” and the “Select Face To Animate” box pops up and you select a face and hit “OK” you don’t always get that face to work with to animate when the “Animation-Create Animation Effects” box pops up….sometimes a different face will pop up in the “Animation-Create Animation Effects” box and unless you catch it you’ll edit another animation face instead of the one you clicked on to select.

    Check VERY closely at the bottom of the “Animation-Create Animation Effects” box where it says ”working vocals” to make sure it gives you access to the face you clicked on and really intended to work on and not a different face…..

    It threw me for a loop for a couple of hours as I kept losing previously placed and saved face effects.....the first effect in the word/mouth lines would get nuked and just gone...but the second effect would still be there as normal. I kept adding effects back to tree 3 and suddenly tree 1 would be missing the first effect....fix tree 1 and tree 2 would screw up....I about pulled my hair out for a while thinking I must be doing something wrong until I caught the mis-assigned model sneaking itself in instead of the one I chose....and I even questioned that I might have inadvertently hit the wrong face.....but then when I watched very closely I observed the gremlin do its thing...... Now if it does that I just cancel and start over until it gives me the model I want selected..... Not a big deal once you KNOW about it.....A bug maybe….
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