Our Pre-Sale starts on January 22 and will run until Feb 11. Some prices for our Pre-Sale! Keep in mind, we will have quantity discounts (order 25+ for highest savings) for most items as well! Updated projections put our ship out dates in June! Yes! We will start shipping to your door in June!

Pixabulbs 25ct $15.19
Pixabulbs 50ct $30.01

P10 Panels $9.80

12v 360W Power Supplies $14.70
5v 300W Power Supplies $14.70

5m 12v ws2811 30led/m strips $12.50
5m 12v ws2811 60led/m strips $24.75

12v ws2811 nodes 50ct/with pigtails $12.68
12v ws2811 square 50ct/with pigtails $15.13

5v ws2811 nodes 50ct/with pigtails $10.23
5v ws2811 square 50ct/with pigtails $12.68

We will also be offering case quantities on select pixels this year! What does that mean to you? If you order 50 strands, you get a deal on the whole box! Taking it a step further this year to offer you guys the BEST PIXELS at the THE BEST prices! Details to come this weekend!