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Thread: AliExpress - Great source for components but some Store are lacking Service

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    Default AliExpress - Great source for components but some Store are lacking Service

    I have been buying Electrical components and lighting items from ALIEXPRESS for some time and I always look for products that offer FREE SHIPPING.

    You will find vendors like Ray Wu that everyone recommends but I have purchased items from other Store with great success and if there were any issues we came to an agreement and the issues was quickly rectified. Example of GREAT customer service:
    Hey I bought 10 power supplies and 2 are dead.
    No problem 2 more are on the way no cost to you.

    Trust me they get as much business as I can send them

    I recommend you always check to see an estimated arrival time to make sure you leave enough time to get the products and still not be rushed to complete a project.

    I am just going to share my latest customer service issue for parts that were found to be defective. When I first brought it to their attention is has taken well over 1 moth and they finally provided a solution but only after I contacted ALIEXPRESS directly to file a complaint against this store, Only then did they offer any real sort of resolution to the issues.

    I purchased a quantity of 2000 pcs 12mm bullet pixels 5vdc for a total of 40 strings. I did get them with in the 6 days they said I would and they packaging was just as described so I gave them a great review for this.

    Only after beginning to build a 1152 pcs 24x48 Matrix did any issues arise. I first found one string that flickers very badly and when replaced the new string had no flickering. Now I like most of you would think this is a voltage drop issue but I reinstalled the old string and it began to flicker again. Also there were no issues on this string in any color other than just the RED, all white was just off color ( fixed white when power injection completed) but no flickering I reinstalled the new string and again NO Flickering. Red Flickering String

    I contacted them on 17/12/15 08:12and informed them about flickering string, and that I also had found a string with pixels that did not light up. UTB8IQ4dpE_4iuJk43Fqq6z.FpXaj.jpg

    I also let them know I would test the rest of the strings and let them know what I had found. Out of the 40 strings there were 3 that flickered badly and 5 strings had dead pixels in them, crazy but all dead pixels were for the BLUE color.

    Only after I finally contacted ALIEXPRESS and 1 month later I am no longer interested in getting the defective items replaced but I am more interested in sharing my customer service experience offered by the Youmyelectec LTD store on ALIEXPRESS. if you go to the store it shows they have been in business for over 7 yrs and a 97% positive review. I am sure my review of the shipping and packaging helped also but had I waited I would now offer a completely different score.

    Below is some Additional Feedback I left but this has nothing to do with their score and I bet you will never see this in the Youmyelectec LTD store either:
    In the order I made I have 3 strings of pixels that are flickering very badly and if I swap them for a different string the flickering goes away! I also have 5 other strings that have dead pixels as shown in the image below. The product shows a 24 month warranty and I purchased these in November 2017, today is January 2018 First contacted seller December 15 2017 about issue. Still waiting on resolution to these issues!

    If anyone is interested I do have a transcript of the complaint and their responses. Feel free to PM me and request a copy only if you are interested in reading it.

    Thank you! Hope all had a GREAT Christmas season and an even better NEW YEAR!!

    MY Advice is to avoid dealing with Youmyelectec LTD

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    Default Re: AliExpress - Great source for components but some Store are lacking Service

    Thanks for the heads up on this seller. Can you provide names of sellers who provide free shipping and GOOD service?

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    Default Re: AliExpress - Great source for components but some Store are lacking Service

    Yes please share details LOL

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    Default Re: AliExpress - Great source for components but some Store are lacking Service

    I too have purchased thousands of electronic parts off Aliexpress.
    I have mostly had an excellent experience.
    But, as the story below states, you have to be careful.

    With the notable exceptions of Ray Wu and the folks at ScottLeds, if you deal with any of the other suppliers, you should not expect warranty service.
    For most of these vendors, the only time they have a big incentive to treat you right is during the AliExpress period where YOU control the payment through the acceptance process.

    If you didn't know, when you buy something off Aliexpress, the vendor is NOT paid. Aliexpress escrows all payments and does not release them to the vendor until you have officially 'accepted' the items upon receipt of the item.

    Therefore, the deal is this ---> You must test everything you receive, IMMEDIATELY upon receipt because THAT is when you can dispute the item.
    You only have a small window of time between receipt of the order and the time where your 'acceptance' of the order is done automatically. (I think its a week or so, but not positive)
    I always request a refund when bad things happen, and yes, it does happen and has happened to me. Don't let the vendor reship because that just drags out the whole transaction. You can always take your refund and order again or from someone else.

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    Default Re: AliExpress - Great source for components but some Store are lacking Service

    I have also dealt with several of the vendors on AliExpress over the past few years with varying degrees of success and failures!

    I no longer deal with any of them except for Ray and ScottLeds (at least for the time being).

    I got "taken" by one of the other vendors for a great deal of money a couple of years back when I was looking at becoming a US dealer for pixels. I can't disclose information or names due to ongoing litigation but I also would simply say "BUYER BEWARE" when you are dealing with them.
    My entire retirement savings along with a couple of other investors money is now tied up in legal issues that show no light at the end of the tunnel as of now. I am forced to live on social security due to health issues that have become worse as well so I am not very trusting of the other vendors much myself!

    I had no reason to not trust the vendor I approached to manufacture the pixels for me (I was going to go with APA106 pixel strings and APA104 strips) and had even gotten a couple of positive reviews on them from people who had dealt with them so take that as you may.

    I only offer this information in the hopes that no one else gets taken in and that you do your research carefully on who you deal with as far as foreign procurement of products. I would guess that 99% of the time you can get things fixed easily but there can always be that 1% that can cause you grief if you are not careful.


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