I've been doing an experiment on my existing (2017) show - still up, by the way, just for this test.

I have 6 ESP8266 adapters of various types to make my Renard controller wireless. I will go into that test and my findings later, but for now I have had what I think is a very bizarre - or at least, unexpected - behavior.

While trying to adjust the settings of my router for better performance , I turned off almost all of the services I thought I wouldn't need - even DHCP server since I was using static IP addresses. The show was running, but then I suddenly lost all 6 wifi modules - all dropped off the network. In fact, even my cell phone was kicked off, and I had to use my wired computer to log into the router. I tried to start restoring some settings I knew I had changed, and all 6 ESP modules re-appeared. I even was able to run a sequence.

But, again, all of a sudden, I lost all the ESP clients again, abruptly. Nothing I could do would bring them back. They did show up in the router's list by MAC, but they would not get any IP addresses.

I turned the wifi router off and rebooted all the ESP modules so they would come up as their own access points. But upon connecting to them I found that they had ALL forgotten the SSID and password.

Is this expected behavior? Namely, the ESP modules will forget their network settings (SSID & password) if you bring them up in AP mode by, say, turning off the router?