Over the holidays, I started thinking about posting a poll on
FalconChristmas.com to get input from users regarding FPP configuration,
issues encountered in 2017, and future direction. After thinking about it
for a little while, it became obvious that a simple poll on the forum
wasn't going to collect the information we wanted to get from our users.
The poll idea evolved into a survey which I have created to help us get
a better handle on the user base and their experience with FPP.

The survey should only take about 10-15 minutes at the most. It is only
about 25 questions, a lot of which are dependent on earlier questions, for
instance, if you don't use BeagleBones to run FPP, the survey won't ask you
which capes you use on your BeagleBones.

The majority of our user base is silent. The FPP v1.8 SD install media
file has been downloaded over 13,000 times, but we only have a few thousand
users on FalconChristmas.com. There are so many places to get good FPP
support that we wanted a way to reach out to all users rather than a poll
requiring you to login to FalconChristmas.com.

If you are a FPP user, please take the time to complete the survey so that
we can better know which parts of FPP we should be focusing our development
efforts on and which features you would like to see added or improved.

In the nature of FPP being Open Source, the survey is being run using
LimeSurvey which is Open Source survey software.

To get to the survey, go to:


Click on the green box labeled "2018 Falcon Player User Survey". The next
page will have a Captcha question. The text says "enter the letters you
see", but it really means "enter the answer to this math problem", so if
you see "49 + 1 =", enter the answer of "50", don't enter "49 + 1 =" in
the answer field.

If you are interrupted, you can return to the survey and it should continue
where you left off as long as you return using the same web browser. There
is no login/password, the survey uses cookies to track your position in
the survey.

Thanks for your help and thanks for using FPP. The survey will be open
through the end of January and will close at 11:59PM on Feb 4, 2018.

The Falcon Player Development Team

(This post will be cross-posted to various forums and facebook groups)